What does ringworm look like on a dog?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What does ringworm look like on a dog?

What does ringworm in dogs look like? Ringworm in dogs typically appears as a growing circular patch of broken hair. Dandruff usually appears on the ringworm and sometimes gets very inflamed around the edges. The hair may start to grow back in the center of the patch while it is still expanding.
In pets an occasional cause of skin conditions is caused by ringworm. The scientific name for this disease is Dermatophytosis. It is caused by a fungus not a worm, and the ringworm is not always in the shape of a ring. Fungi is everywhere in the environment, and is difficult to determine which pets will develop a problem. The fungus that causes ringworm can be found in the hair coats of normal dogs and cats. Sometimes animals may be carriers of the disease to other animals and people.

Ringworm causes description:

Ringworm is caused by different kinds of fungus on the skin, hair, or nails caused by an infection. Petting infected dogs and cats often spreads ringworm to humans, but is mostly passed through human contact. Ringworm in dogs can be spread many of the same ways. Even sharing clothes, towels, or combs may result in spreading the infection.
Sometimes people pick up ringworm from their pet, but just because a pet has ringworm does not mean that you will develop the problem. One of the simplest ways to diagnose Ringworm is with a black light, which is an ultraviolet lamp. Fifty percent of the Microsporum canis species will show up fluoresce when the black light is placed near the area.

There are 3 common fungi types found in cats and dogs:
Trichophyton Mentagrophytes:
The source of this species infects dogs and cats when they are exposed to rodents.

Microsporum Canis: The source of this species is almost always a cat, especially long-haired cats.

Microsporum Gypseum: The source of this species is usually from dogs and cats that dig into contaminated soil.

The lesions that appear with ringworm vary, and a ring is not necessarily formed. Sometimes there is hair loss, usually in small patches, and as time goes by the patches might disappear or reappear at other places on the body.

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